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Try Easy Planner 3D Online Interior Design Software version 3.0 for free and experience cutting edge features. Provide feedback to help us refine and polish the next version of Easy Planner 3D.

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  • Currently Easy Planner 3D does not work in Internet Explorer 10 or previous versions. If you are running one of these browsers and experiencing problems we recommend that you update to a more recent version of Internet Explorer or try an alternative browser. Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox all support the planner.
  • If the 3D view fails to load, either your browser isn't correctly set up to display WEBGL 3D or your graphics drivers are out of date. Go to the WEBGL troubleshooting page.

Features included in Easy Planner 3D Interior Design Planner v3.0?

  • Completely free to use
  • Intuitive design - It's easy to use
  • 3D view faster than ever
  • Works in Windows and Mac OS
  • Supported on most browsers and mobile devices
  • Sleek & stylish interface
  • Design in both metric or feet & inches
  • No need to load Java or Flash

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